MPM Math Program

Kindergarten – Grade 6

MPM Math is a leading math program for children. The program develops children’s autonomy and independent thinking through the enjoyment of math.

Instead of focusing on calculation questions, the program is composed of word problems and creatively designed questions. Students are encouraged to “think outside the box” when exploring solutions.

About MPM

JELIC Program

Ages 4 – 7

The JELIC program introduces basic math concepts to preschool-aged children. Students solve logic puzzles independently, under the supervision of an instructor.

Students develop important life skills to help them get a head start in preschool/kindergarten, including:

  • Organization and good work habits
  • Strong judgement and reasoning
  • Great hand-eye & motor coordination


Students learn and work on problems with little guidance.

Problem solving

MPM challenges students to seek new methods to problems.

Fun activities

Interesting questions and special classroom tools make math enjoyable.

Self esteem

Students gain confidence when improving in the program and at school.

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