What is MPM Math?

Suitable for children Kindergarten – Grade 6.

MPM Math is a leading math program that cultivates independent problem-solving and critical thinking skills through the enjoyment of math. Students learn mathematical concepts and solve sophisticated math problems using basic skills they’ve acquired in the program.

Sample Problems

Multi-Process Model

Through the Multi-Process Model (MPM), students solve a complex problem through simple steps. By breaking a big problem into smaller parts first, students can exercise their logical reasoning skills to get to the solution.

Different Methods

The Multi-Process Model also encourages students to explore challenging problems from various perspectives. Rather than having one traditional approach to solving a question, MPM inspires students to consider alternate strategies.


An important component of MPM Math is self-learning. While teachers are available to answer questions, students are encouraged to try solving problems on their own. Not only does this exercise independence, it also allows students to be responsible for their own learning.

Personalized Learning System

MPM provides two-way, interactive communication. Students can receive one-on-one support when having difficulty with challenging problems. Through this system, students are directly involved in learning.

How it works

Evaluate Starting Level
New students write an assessment at their chosen classroom to determine their starting level.

Before booking, contact the classroom for the class schedule.

Find a classroom
Attend Weekly Classes

Students attend class two times per week, based on a schedule arranged by both instructor and parent. In class, students complete half a workbook independently, asking for help if needed.

Complete Homework

Students complete the second half of workbook as homework. During the next class, the instructor marks the homework and the student makes corrections as required.

History of MPM Math

MPM Math originated from Taiwan as a top math enrichment program with the goal of developing independence, critical-thinking skills, and autonomy in children. Since its creation in 1987 by Roger Chang, the program has grown to incorporate school math curriculum from Canada, Signapore, Taiwan, and America. With over 1000 MPM Math centres around the world, MPM inspires children to learn math through new, creative methods instead of traditional ways.