JELIC Program

Suitable for students aged 3 - 7.

The first six years of life are most crucial for a child's development. JELIC is an international enrichment program with centers in Taiwan, Canada, America, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Designed by a team of educators, child psychologists, physicists, and mathematicians, the JELIC curriculum supports young children in developing important life skills through fun puzzles and activities.

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Intelligent Reasoning

Students learn to observe, think, and reason in different ways.

Mathematical Deduction

Students learn about basic math concepts and problem-solving, including geometry and arithmetic.

Combinational Thinking

Students learn to solve problems through a multi-processed approach.

Life Skills

Students develop good judgment, hand-eye coordination, and a strong work ethic.

Liguistic Capabilities

Students begin to explore the English language with basic words and phrases.

Aesthetic Creation

Students learn to appreciate the beauty of art through the creative activity design.


How it works

Learning Box

Each learning box consists of activity materials - fun puzzles for children. Students set up and complete the learning box on their own.

Sticker Workbook

Students complete workbooks to reinforce their learning. Each workbook includes fun sticker exercises to inspire learning.

Progress Book

The instructor offers guidance and shares feedback with parents, including students' key strengths and areas requiring improvement.